11 April 2018

My 1941 Singer!

It was my grandmother's.  This machine does everything the modern machines do... if you like to sew in a straight line.  It's a bit harder to thread than the new machines and the needle is placed in sidewise.  Not sure how I'll replace this one when it breaks.

It came with a carrying case, some extra bobbins, bunches of special attachments, and an instruction booklet.  The instructions tell you to call your Electric Light Company to enquire about the specific voltage and cycles of your local electricity.  Yeah, I skipped that step.  

Rose is not sure she wants to try to thread this machine.  It really isn't that hard, kiddo.

Woodjie wanted his photo taken, too!  Isn't he cute?  


  1. My mum had a Singer, it came with a big, curved, wooden cover and probably weighed a ton. She would sit it on the Singer treadle table and we weren't allowed to touch it. Mum sewed dresses and school uniforms, shirts for boys, just getting in a few extra shillings a week.

    1. You know when I lived there, a school uniform brand new would be super pricey!! I don't think she got paid what her work was worth.

  2. This was back in the 1950s, the parents provided the material and pattern, mum did the sewing and fitting.

  3. :) Great photos! We are also homeschoolers.

  4. i have one like this which was wedding gift by mom
    this is so pretty and you preserved it so carefully
    mine's case is broken while shifting from previous house
    your children are so cute!

    1. The case did its job, then! If there were no case, that would be the machine busted, right?


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