30 November 2007

This is the Culprit.

This little sweetie is breaking my heart. He is snuffly. He NEEDS a nap. He refuses to sleep unless I hold and rock him constantly, but he uses that opportunity to climb and fuss. I tried to feed him and he threw all his food on the floor and cried about how he has no food. Sigh. Got him to drink a little at least and have set him in his playpen for a nap. That was two hours ago. I still check on him and get him occasionally to try to calm him down, and then I set him back. He NEEDS a nap. He is still screaming at the top of his lungs. I feel like a big meanie. But when I get him he still cries and tries to climb and jump on me. He's been more or less like this all week. I wound up yesterday holding PERFECTLY STILL for over an hour so he would finally fall asleep. That's hard to do when you have bunches of other kids who need to be homeschooled and, you know, fed and stuff. OK. I'm going upstairs again to get him. I guess he wins and I'll get him MORE food to throw so we can start the cycle over again.


  1. ((HUGS)) I'm sorry that J is doing this. Is he taking a nap at all during the day? Do you have something that is remotely close to you that he could hold? A blanky or a stuffed animal that would help him to feel better while going down for a nap? Just a thought. I know you've probably already thought of all this stuff but thought I would help out just a little. I miss talking to you.
    Aunt B.

    Give that J a kiss on the head from me.

  2. Thanks, sweetie. Yeah, we've tried about everything. I went upstairs and got him up out of bed completely after typing that. Got him a bottle (he is refusing to eat today!! Maybe he'll scarf a lot down tonight!!) and he fell asleep for *10 minutes*. Sigh.

    Well, he seems much better now. I think he is battling a cold and we might be in for another screaming jag 'round about 6 p.m. I'm not WISHING that; I'm just being realistic and thinking he'll go to bed at 8 after another two-hour screamfest.

    When he feels better, he's always NEEDY and CLINGY but maybe not so ornery. I've had more than one friend say the word "Benadryl" to me but I think that sort of thing should be reserved for children with genuine sleep issues and be prescribed by a doctor. (Just my opinion)

    Aunt B, I appreciate your prayers and I miss you too.

    Mrs. C


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