30 November 2007

Gross, But I *Suppose* It's Ethical

Use blood from a woman's period as a source of stem cells. Hm. I can't imagine how this would work out because I always thought that this was blood that was sluffed off and discarded each month as useless by the body.


I can't imagine what scientists thought this one up or how they all got on the subject. Were they all sitting around in a room and going, "Poop!" No. "Pus!" No. "Menstrual blood!" Yeah, let's try that...

I mean, there are some things we shouldn't think too much about if we can help it... but on that note...


I've seen this on at least two other blogs and it is SOOOO disgusting that, um, yuck. I'm pretty sure that the regular readers of my blog won't be making the tampon angel tree-topper this year.

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