31 December 2007

Before Jesus Gets Packed Away...

You know, and not to be thought of for a whole 'nother year 'till next Christmas... Check out his sandy-blonde hair! You never knew that all of Jesus' entourage was colour-coordinated before this, either, or that all the hay in his stable was *miraculously* clean. I think this miracle is probably in one of those "lost gospels" or something because every creche I've seen has colour-coordinated and there is NO cow poopy near baby Jesus, ever.


  1. LOL that might be a good thing when you're living near livestock!

    Well, rather OCD than CCD. If she heard too much Catholic teaching she'd REALLY get herself some strange diagnosis! I know I would if everyone started praying to me on a daily basis and putting statues of me in their yards. It would be too creepy.

  2. ya...and Jesus was Jewish...I'd think his hair would be darker!

  3. I've seen Jewish folks with blonde hair... but since Jesus was a Palestinian Jew, it's kinda unlikely he'd be a blondie.


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