04 December 2007

Don't Be Afraid to Click This Link

Yep, it says, "sex and toys," but in this instance they're talking about sex as in, is it a boy or girl playing with the toy? This article is about toy kitchens for boys. I figured we've already chatted about the Bratz dollies for girls, so this is next on my list:


I find that the toy kitchens that are out now are too SMALL for real children to play with . By the time they no longer throw the plastic grapes across the room, the little kitchens come up to their knees. Most of the kitchens I find in the toy stores, etc. are also PINK. We all know that a pink kitchen is fine for a boy to work in if he's in a real HOUSE, but a pink toy kitchen is... well... it's kinda like a pink Barbie dream car. You *could* use it, but you would never want your friends to see you.

Now that Elf and Emperor can follow a few basic directions, forget about the plastic kitchen. They can get dishes out or stir the pudding themselves for real. It requires more supervision than a pretend kitchen, but I think it has a more practical application.

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