04 December 2007

Thanks, Daja!!

Just received a book by Che Ahn titled, "Close Encounters of the Divine Kind." I've cracked the first couple chapters and it's amazing how Ahn is able to break the ideas I learned in college about the collective unconscious, etc., into easily digestible pieces. Or maybe he doesn't mean to do that, what with being a PASTOR and all. But his premise is that God is the ULTIMATE Extraterrestrial and that we can communicate with a being ever so-much-cooler and more powerful than your local UFO from just the next galaxy over. Those yokels have nothing on the boss o' the Universe.

I can't wait to finish it. I'd like to see how he says, exactly, we're to hear from God. I do know of people who, when they get into trouble, just flip that Bible open and think that page "is for them" that day. I've heard Augustine did that once but I don't know that THAT would mean that it's a trick that "works" in all times in places. I rather doubt it... My Bible naturally falls open to my favourite parts, so it would be a self-fulfilling prophecy, or more like me talking to myself by reading what I already know what's there... I like the parts where the bad guys get killed in gory ways the BEST, so it would do me no good to go ask God what He thinks I should do in a given situation and then flip to find out!

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