02 December 2007

This is Me in My Living Room.

Now you know what I look like! And you can see the magnets we keep on our front door (classy!) and our area for backpacks and coats. If you have really good eyes you will see our basket for balls, etc. by the door and the edge of our shoe bins. FAR better to have shoe bins than shoes in a big pile to trip on by the door. I got the bins at Pier One (one of the few "brand new" purchases I've made, another is my table and chairs... see?) and I think they are supposed to be for toys or something more pretty. But wire baskets by the door just aren't my style if I can help it.


  1. I can finally see you!! I just need to see a better belly picture of that little lady you are carrying. Any name ideas yet?

  2. Well, it's a semi-recent picture. I'm actually carrying baby J in this one! No names yet for a girl, anyway. D says he'll believe it when he sees it and refuses to discuss it until after delivery. Sigh.

    Mrs. C


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