02 December 2007

We Need to Elect Hillary Because She's WHITE.

Oh, no, **I** didn't say it. (My dislike for Clinton is irrespective of race LOL!) But guess who did??


Black people in Alabama. Wow. Now you figure if someone were goint to act racist against a candidate, that people of *all* races would by and large decry it. Not so! Quote:

Before the endorsement vote, Perry County Commissioner Albert Turner praised Obama's qualifications, but urged the group to support Clinton.

"The question you have to put forth to yourself is that whether or not in this racist country a black man named Obama — when we are shooting at Osama — can win the presidency of the United States?" Turner said.

Turner said Clinton is the Democrat most likely to win in November "because of her husband and because of some other things, mainly because she's white."

End quote.

Oh, my goodness. So... it's not that they don't like Obama. It's not that they think Clinton is a better leader or has more experience and is more in line with them politically blah blah blah. It's because Obama's black -- just like them! -- so he doesn't stand a chance.

Man. I hate to say this, but where's Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson when you need them?

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