14 December 2007

This Is WRONG.


All preschoolers and day care children in New Jersey are now required to have flu shots. What this link does NOT tell you is that flu shots contain thimerosol... mercury. It's controversial at best, because many parents are concerned about a possible link to thimerosol and autism. And I have enough autism in my family, thank you so much.

The flu is nowhere near as serious as smallpox or polio. Soon we will be vaccinating for sniffles and chickenpox. (Oh, yeah, we do the chickenpox already... we just don't have the technology for the common cold. Yet.) Nevermind that there are probably about 100 different kinds of colds out there... how else could one get sick with a cold every year... but I'm concerned that the effect of the shots will be worse than just catching the disease itself.

AND... the unintended consequence of decisions like these:

Gardasil required for children.
Flu shots required for children.
Vaccine Recalls.
Rubella vaccine for boys.
Aborted fetal cells IN our vaccine and no-one tells us.
Monkeys used in vaccine production (iw).

... is that people like me tend to get PO'd when we find out about stuff like this in the news and we're starting to say: Fine! I won't get my kid immunized at all then, if that's how you're going to be! It wasn't a religious objection before, but it is now! Righteous, religious indignation. Giving onto Caesar what is Caesar's does NOT include my child and his health. I was wary about immunizations before things like this popped up, but now I'm downright distrustful and you're going to have a devil of a time trying to convince me to trust the medical establishment AT ALL now.

I think these medical people and lawmakers had better back off a bit and work on establishing RAPPORT with parents. Trust is one of those things that takes TIME to build. Telling me to do something "or else" circumvents that whole process, and it's NOT WORTH IT FOR THE FLU VACCINE. Wait until smallpox is rampant before you even *think* of such extreme measures, would ya??

What is going to start happening is that people will go underground, and polio and measles will come back like you wouldn't believe.

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