14 December 2007

What Happens Late in the Afternoon.

Lately, Woodjie has been conking out on the couch in the afternoons after screaming for about an hour and a half. That's fine with me. It's an improvement over the screaming for about two hours and then having to be in my arms for another hour or ELSE. I am a little nervous about his falling off the couch, but not nervous enough to disturb him while he is sleeping!! I just put several blankets and soft things beneath him, just in case. He has not fallen yet, and seems to know where he is while he is while he is sleeping. I've found him a few times almost halfway opening his eyes to see where he is, and then zonking again. Maybe someday he will learn to fall asleep all by himself away from Mom and Dad. As it is, D has all his blankets and curls up beside this couch to go to sleep each night. Otherwise, Woodjie PANICS. I have never seen a child who has such sheer TERROR of being alone or being bathed. And at such a young age, too.

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