12 December 2007

You Can't Jail Them Because We Already Have Enough of "Their Kind" in Prison...


A TEN-year-old girl is gang-raped, and because the suspects HAPPEN to be Aborigines (Australian "native" people), you really can't send them to jail. Because it wouldn't help this particular sort of person... and they're over-represented in the prison population anyway... and the sex was probably sorta consensual because she shows no signs of a struggle... though we would NEVER imply that she asked for it even though we think she probably did, you know how smutty those ten-year-olds can get... and... well, it's just not right that there's all this outcry about it. I mean, if you want to "rehabilitate" someone, you shouldn't send them to jail if they're a member of an indigenous population group. All you white people shut up and stop clamouring for justice because... you know... it's not nice to punish the natives.

/// Wow. ///

I'm not getting why there needs to be ANY racial disparity EVER in sentencing. Here in America, if the law says that crack cocaine gets you X number of years for X number of grams, that's the way it OUGHT to be. Hello, no-one MAKES black people disproportionately violate that particular law (I mean, most serial killers are white, but when was the last time they whined about *that* little fact at sentencing time, and demanded their client get off free??). The Supreme Court was smokin' something when they handed that one down. Now probably the prison system will vomit up all KINDS of interesting vermin, coming to a town near you soon.

It makes me ill. Can we not just have, like, you know, one law that everybody's supposed to follow and when someone breaks the law, the sentence is the same no matter what your skin colour happens to be?? I know that that's a crazy and probably old-fashioned idea, but that's just how I feel about it.

Oh, and can I just add something here? The victim was an Aborigine as well. Where is the justice for this little girl??

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