12 December 2007

Our New Desk.

Well, homeschooling doesn't work at the kitchen table because SOME little boy can open all the cabinets and cause trouble. One of our desks is now being used for an old computer, which leaves only one desk and two children. Solution: Mom gets the desk for teaching. The children are educated with a footboard that keeps falling off G's bed. It scoots away when not in use. For a while, Elf's desk was an I Spy book and Emperor had a Butter Battle book. This gives them a little more room.


  1. Thanks for your comment on my journal. I think I found Stacey through Wordless Wednesday some time ago and noticed that she was in my vicinity. I've been following her ever since.

    Hey, you can BET I'll be back at Walmart: just not THAT Walmart!

  2. Well but of course! If it's nothing else, I'm finding homeschool needs flexibility and ingenuity! Else it's just school. At home. xo

  3. It's been two days!! You haven't posted in two days. Where are you? Are you okay?

    Okay now that I got that off my chest. I really like your new desk idea. It is really cool. I've been looking for a coffee table to use for school for the kids like that. It would seem easier. That or lap desks.

  4. LOL not *two* days!! I've just posted to rectify that...


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