04 January 2008

I'll Skip That "Social Event," Thanks.


Students are required to sign contracts stating that they must submit to breathalyzer tests if they want to go to "school social events" such as dances. It's a shame that there are some drunken teens out there, but really... the attitude some of the parents have that if the children have nothing to "hide," that there can't be a problem with testing is CHILLING.

I mean, I have nothing to "hide," but I don't want the cops searching through my house. Thanks!

I have nothing to "hide" in my financial dealings, but I don't want YOU seeing my bank statement!

Now, obviously, if a kid shows up at a football game rip-roaring drunk, it's time to call the parents and tell them that they can either miss the rest of the year's social events, or take the test to prove that their obnoxious behaviour is just the result of poor upbringing rather than alcohol. But it would have to be an extreme case for the administration to get involved ideally, wouldn't you think?? You know, the singing, swaying, falling down and barfing on the principal's shoes might be an indicator.

I read that in some public schools, there are now cameras that feed right into the police department! Wow. Now, I'm ok with cameras in the HALLWAYS, entrances and cafeteria at public schools, but I think a live feed to the local PD and a zoom-lens in the restroom is one step too many. And I'm only OK with those cameras I mentioned because they're placed in an obvious way and all the students know they're there. And only because there have been "unfortunate incidents" with intruders.

(An aside: I'd rather the schools quit pretending that they're safe, though. What is the point of the zillion-dollar entrance system, when 'round the back of the school, you've set up trailers for students to attend class and the back door is propped open?? I ask you to consider that one under the file of, "your tax dollars at work.")

I think the balance between having a safe school and protecting the children, and violating their rights as HUMAN BEINGS has been toppled when one hears stories like these. I can't imagine where the teachers would want to work in such an environment either.

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