03 January 2008

Move Over, Cell-Phone Granny!


Cell phones make you more likely to slow down on the highway. Given what *I've* seen on the highway in terms of SPEED, you'd think talking on the phone would be a GOOD thing. It gets me scared when people have to dial and swerve at the same time, though.

To quote the article, a psychologist on the research team states that cell phones are certainly a cause of congestion during rush hour. "That S.O.B. on the cell phone is slowing you down and making you late."

I think the... person on the cell phone should hang up and drive unless there's some extreme emergency. But I think that because of what I've seen on the roads and the studies out (that seem to agree with what I've seen) stating that the cell users are less aware of their surroundings and sometimes make what are called "poor choices."

But driving slower? Please do, by all means. Everybody acts like a crazy lunatic on the roads, and people like me who insist on going five miles UNDER the speed limit look like the bad guys. They even have reports out about tickets issued for going under the limit... that it's a danger to others!!

Um, if everyone went under the limit like they were SUPPOSED TO, it wouldn't be a problem. Duuuuhh. That's why it's called a speed LIMIT, people, and you're not supposed to go faster than the limit. You know... up to and including, but not over? Maybe we Americans need better math or something so that we understand what a LIMIT is. Or just change the limit and quit pretending that we have sane drivers for crying out loud!

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