30 January 2008

Our Little Teatime

We have a small sliver of cake that was falling over the edge of the pan to eat today while we read about Laura's adventures in Plum Creek. Hot chocolate with marshmallows and... Keebler cookies. We won't be able to eat the cake we made today until tomorrow because it's my birthday. D says it's very SAD that I have to make my own birthday cake, but I do have helpers! More pics later.


  1. Just saw your comment at My Little Wonders. Can I just say, my dd would love to live at your house. She loves cookies and cake and I am so strict with her. She would be so delighted to be at your tea. ;)

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Hi Nina!

    Bet if you told her that we ate cake decorating leftovers (frosting, sugar letters) during lunch she'd be packing her bags!

    Thanks for dropping by and sending the birthday wishes!!


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