30 January 2008

You'll Like This.

Sunniemom's Random Thoughts on Home Education:


"You do need to brace yourself- there will be those who accuse you of everything but starting the Holocaust for being so presumptuous as to take on the responsibility for the education and upbringing of one’s own children. You will be accused of being selfish for ‘robbing the school system’ of the funds it would receive for the presence of your child, for removing your Christian child from a Godless system and thus damning every man, woman and child in it to Hell for all eternity, for abandoning the system and leaving the rest of humanity to degenerate into blithering idiots. I am often amazed at these statements, because of what they are actually saying. I leave you to realize the underlying philosophy made evident by these protestations."

You know you want to click the link and read more for yourself.

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