06 February 2008

Chats on Public Education

As I posted earlier, we're going to be making a concerted effort to "chat" a bit more about what's going on in the world and in our local schools. I've been talking to the boys about what the various presidential candidates believe and what the consequences will be for our nation. I explained that Obama believes that kindergarteners should be taught about sex education.

"Um, isn't kindergarten a bit young to learn about that?" asks Patrick.

"OH! I'm glad I don't go to (name of school) anymore because then I'd learn all about *SEX!*" announces Emperor. "Whatever that is..." he whispers.

"You wouldn't need to worry about that," says Patrick. "Mom marches down to school on the first day of every school year and signs a bunch of papers and tells the school they can't talk to me about that." This is said somewhat ruefully. "I have to go to the library for most of my health class and do my homework gripe gripe gripe the only one there gripe..."

I personally think he is still embarrassed by the incident in which he announced to the world that he knows more than you think he does! He even knows what condoms are... and then he proceeded to talk about ketchup and mustard packets at the local McDonald's... But at least this helped him live down the previous incident in which he answered my question about what a prostitute is with, "It's a person that went from town to town in the Bible days spreading the gospel..." (OK, raising this kid is interesting! But then when you try to explain things to him, he runs out of the room screaming that he doesn't want to know, and can't he just be a kid a little longer??)

I talked with the boys about how in Massachusetts and other places, you get NO CHOICE on what the school teaches you. And it's very hard to homeschool. These parents are literally being persecuted, right here in America.

Patrick is rolling his eyes. He seems to think that if he can say the pledge and Mom can opt him out of sex ed, that he is "safe." How I wish that were true.

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  1. Ooo I didn't know that. There again there seems to be an ever growing list of things that I don't know about.


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