14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!

We ran out of eggs, or we'd have made a batch about four times this size. They're almost gone now. See the fork mark in the middle? That's how you know if food is done. If the fork doesn't come out with mix on it, the food is finished! We also did some marker art and had a half day of school.


  1. I do not see the fork mark in the middle! Maybe I should clean my bifocals!

    Happy Valentines Day to you and yours

  2. What is marker art? Is it just coloring with markers or is it a technique? The only reason I ask is my kids LOVE anything art and I am always looking for something new and fun and cheap.

  3. Maddy, click the picture and you'll probably see a bigger version. With a big fork mark in the middle!

    Oh, and "marker art" is using the back of a poster, some stencils and some markers. That's art LOL!! They had a great time, too. I was brave enough to let them take off their shirts and use my multi-coloured Sharpies which show up well on the posterboard.


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