12 February 2008

More On Autism.


Bev at Asperger Square 8 advises parents that she would not want a "cure" for autism. She believes that it is society that needs to change, not necessarily the person who has been diagnosed on the autism spectrum:

"I am all for teaching kids to communicate. What I object to is that teaching and learning for autistic children are packaged and marketed as “therapy”, while teaching for non-autistic children is called “teaching." I disagree with anyone who believes that speech is the only “real” way to communicate. I think that children need time to play and relax as well as time to study and learn.

When your child grows up, unless I am mistaken, he or she will still be autistic. I want a safe and accepting world for the adult (s)he will become. I want a world where people will employ her, take him out to dinner, appreciate them for who they are. I know that many people will see this as foolish and na├»ve. I’m okay with that."

I have mixed feelings about autism and potential cures. I would NEVER want people currently affected by autism to be left behind... with society taking the thank-God-we-never-have-to-deal-with THAT again mentality. But when I look at G struggling in school... as a seventh-grader and still hiding under the desk when he is upset... or Elf being unable to function in public school settings AT ALL... I would want "autism" to go away, even if it meant that the people I love (G and Elf) would be changed as well. For their benefit, not just mine.

I suppose it's a rather hypothetical situation anyway. God does as He chooses. Elf has been praying for his autism and asthma to go away and went up front for prayer one Sunday. Then he decided that he would go to Children's Church and has functioned well WITHOUT my help at all for the last month or so. I have not been called to fish him out of the corner or find him after he's run away during this time, either.

I'm hesitant to say that he is "cured" because he still stims. I'm hesitant to form a firm opinion, but I do wonder if some traits we might consider as "autistic" may just be part of one's personality or a slight biological difference which may still be in the range of "normal" (whatever that is!!).

How 'bout some thoughts... Anyone else not sure what to think? Or just been down that road too long and don't want to think any more??


  1. All I can say is to never discourage a person's confidence in the cross...even if you yourself don't believe or know what to believe.

    My son, Luc, believed that Jesus healed him of allergies, although he showed no signs of being healed. But, he had confidence in the cross and I wasn't about to tell him that Jesus hadn't really healed him.

    Lo and behold, about a week later he was totally healed and remains so to this day.

    Just support him in his confidence in the cross and make it a testimony! Don't worry about whether it has been fully manifested or not.


  2. We all stim!! My son dosnt speak, or sign or use pecs etc. but he certainly can communicate! I also hope society will change and just accept our kids for the wonderful people that they are.


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