05 February 2008

Pizza and Popcorn

We've been reading about Henry and Mudge's sleepover at a friend's house. Henry and Mudge sleep in the attic and eat pizza and popcorn. So we made pizza and popcorn for our Tea on Tuesday time! Although we did not do backflips to catch the popcorn like one of the dogs in the book, we had a good time.


  1. I am inspired by your tea for tuesday. Did you post on this and I missed it? Do you pick a book for the tea and them it around that or do you do it with what you are already doing?

  2. Oh, thank you so much! But I have to admit, it isn't my idea; it's my bloggy friend Lori's. Her blog is www.mylittlewonders.blogspot.com. She even has a little logo for you to copy if you want to participate, and other friends who link to her blog on most weeks.

    What I do is use Tuesdays for home ec. Sometimes I can tie in a specific food to a book (say, pumpkin pie goes with a Thanksgiving book...), but often, we'll just make something and read what we were working on that week while we eat.


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