05 February 2008

From the Home Education Magazine Blog.

Link: http://www.homeedmag.com/blogs/newscomm/?p=1328

A wonderful quote juxtaposing public and homeschooling from the entry:

"Homeschooling has a natural life span, i.e., the length of time it takes moms and dads to educate the children of the family. A main purpose of homeschooling is meeting the needs of certain children from their early years until they are young adults. The family members focus their energies on each other. After the children are grown, the family members (I hope) savor their memories while going off to new adventures...

Families grow. Institutions are conveyor belts."

Yup, it's stuff ya know, but don't usually think about. When a public education administrator does something "for the children" like asking you to pass a bond issue, he really means "for the institution" most of the time. Ordinarily, you'd wonder why our district, with SEVERELY overcrowded schools and more children moving in every week, wouldn't push for families to avail themselves of the Cyber-schools or even homeschool to lessen the crunch. It would be "for the children," you know, if you could do that and make your local elementary just that much less crowded for the time being. But they're never going to do that.

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