24 February 2008

Teach More Tolerance? How About We Teach Children About the Value of Human Life?


Openly "gay" 15-year-old student shot down by a 14-year-old child. An awful, awful end to a young man's life. I'm not sure that teaching "more tolerance in California schools" would curb crimes like this, though. I think that *all* parents and staff need to talk more about the value of human life, even -- perhaps especially -- that of those people with whom we disagree. I'm concerned that we've lost the ability to respectfully differ. It doesn't matter if the student expressed that he was gay. It could be a Muslim next time, or an Hispanic, or whatever. It just doesn't matter.


  1. This is shocking, and they are so young.
    Every life has value, tolerance of others should indeed be more talked about by all of us.

  2. Usually here in the US when people talk about "tolerance," what they really mean is forcing Christians and others to accept what they feel is an immoral lifestyle. They usually don't mean a live and let live sort of philosophy.

    Though I would believe in toleration of others by the traditional definition, I am loathe to endorse its teaching as it's construed today. Especially troubling is this idea of a "hate crime," that somehow this child's life is more valuable (in terms of sentencing the perp, etc.) because he was homosexual.

  3. Its sad isnt it.
    Thank you for your comment, and yes i am isolated, even more so because of Cs challenging behaviour. I have no support from my family, but i do have one really good friend.
    Thank you for the hugs -very much appreciated.
    Hugs to you too :)

  4. It really bothers me that 15 year olds consider themselves openly gay. Of course it's not okay to murder someone because they say they are gay (if that's the reason the kid killed the other kid) however, I wonder what would have happened if the "gay" kid killed the straight kid for making fun of him...you know the punishment would be way less severe, if any.

    The word "tolerance" has truly taken on a loaded meaning in our culture today. It's one of those words that people worship like "diversity". It's not just that we Christians "feel" that they are trying to get us to accept immoral lifestyles...it IS immoral! The bible is not an opinion book!

  5. Ya know, Catherine, I have a boy who is 14 - almost 15. And I think about what I'd do if he said he was "gay." I can't imagine this popped up overnight.

    Unfortunately, the media look to types like Fred Phelps to articulate the "conservative Christian" viewpoint and when you combine that HATEFUL attitude with the secular tendency of rationalizing sin, it's no wonder Christians get the backlash.

    You know, that same verse people like Phelps quotes (and twists!!) about homosexuals going to hell also mentions that liars will be in the fiery pit as well. Wouldn't it be funny if lying were an alternative lifestyle, and people kept petitioning the government for acceptance of it? The politicians would say that the issue will be up for the vote in the next legislative session, but oh! THEY'D LIE LOL!! bwa ha haaa...

    I didn't want to politicize this child's death, though. I was trying to call for everyone to cut the silliness out and just teach the "BE NICE" rule. It doesn't violate anyone's religion (that I know of, anyway) and is simple enough to teach to a three-year-old.

  6. I know very little about Fred Phelps, but what I know about him tells me that he's not winning anyone over for Christ. It's unfortunate that we have people like him who are turning people off with their beligerence or people like Joel Osteen who refuse to talk about sin because it hurts people's feelers. Is it just easier for people to go to extremes at the expense of the truth?

    As for alternative lifestyles, doesn't it seem that being a stay-at-home mom or wife is becoming a true "alternative" lifestyle? Although I don't see us filing any class action law suites any time soon.


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