20 February 2008


For our Tea on Tuesday time, we made THREE batches of banana bread and tripled the recipe! Wal-Mart had the boxes on clearance for something like 80 cents apiece. You can't beat making one large and one mega-big loaf of banana bread for about $3. Emperor has now officially finished his first grade readers and will begin second grade reading tomorrow. We are still slowly plowing through the Little House series during our reading time as well.


  1. mmmm that does look good, wish i could smell it!
    Well done Emperor!

  2. WOW !!!Your comment to me was great....it helped me also. I am going to do it for the both of us. I will let you know how it all works out. Thank you!
    I really don't want to put them in school. What social studies book are you using? I am bad at all that still on what to be doing. When do you start to buy your books for next year? How many hours a day do you really sit down with the boys to DO school? What do you do when you get in a rut? Ok enough question drilling you for today. You can e-mail me if you would like. I will put it in another comment so you don't publish it. Although it may be available to everyone somewhere. Or just comment me, whichever. ;P
    Thanks Lori

  3. Oh for smell-a-vision? That bread looks devine! Heck, I just read what Casdok wrote.... derrrr we think alike!

  4. :] Lori, I'm going to answer in a separate post when I get a little time to type.

    Yeah, this is one post I wouldn't mind the smellivision either LOL! All the bread is gone now!


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