09 March 2008

Cleaning the Kitchen

You can see that I have one cabinet neatly organized, and it will *stay* that way allll day. I've taken the top picture so that I can have some photographic evidence that yes, I DID get around to cleaning once. It's pretty discouraging. As I cleaned this one cabinet, other areas of the kitchen begin to look even more messy than usual. I have gotten this cabinet and one drawer cleaned, but several other cabinets and two full shelves in the basement are crying out for my attention.
I get to them as I can, because my arms are usually holding a baby or doing something else like homeschooling or meal preparation. (I also have to have a daily computer fix, else I shall go mad. I shall.) I have absolutely got to wash the curtains in this room as well. I remember remarking to myself that I got these done last a few months before the baby got here.... oh... it wasn't THIS baby, it was baby J! No wonder they're in such need of a washing. I feel as though I am constantly running and never catching up, because there is always the "usual" that must be done as well. And my children insist on things like "meals" and "clean laundry" on a regular basis.


  1. Thats the trouble with starting cleaning!!
    Good job though! Well done! I dont know how you have the energy!

  2. I'm right there with ya, sister. I'd rather do most things than clean, including having oral surgery. :-) That cabinet looks great!

    My cleaning gets done when we're expecting company. I do the very, very least I can, otherwise. It's terrible, and I'm working on it. My mom never taught me how to do household chores, so it's been an uphill battle just to learn how to do stuff!

  3. Mmmm, can I have some of your Manwich and Starbursts?

  4. Hey, I got another cabinet done! I'm on a roll here! Just don't look at the rest of my house.

  5. Ha ha me too...I am constantly trying to organize only to find I need to do it all over again! And yes on the computer fix else I shall go insane:)


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