17 March 2008


I have a little disk that came with my new Geneva Bible. It has the whole Bible on it. I can MAXIMIXE the letters to make the text readable. I have a hard time with small print. Now when I have a fussy baby and I'm sitting here at my computer in the rocking chair, I can read while I'm still awake. I like all the little notes that come with the Bible. There are some passages I like better than the King James, although I can't judge which is the more accurate translation, not being able to read the originals. But now that I sit down to read the Bible at the computer, I don't check the news as much.

That's probably just as well.

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  1. Oh, and some smartie's going to ask why I don't just keep my BIBLE next to me and read. I really have a hard time with that printing. Last time I checked with the optometrist my eyes were normal, though(well, I'm NEARsighted). The only thing is that when I'm reading the text SUPER BIG, I have to have a hand free to scroll down. I can't always do that and so sometimes I'll read the same little bit over a few times and I'm surprised at all the things I've MISSED.


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