18 April 2008

At the Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne.

Dear Elf and Emperor,

The Flat Stanleys have just finished a whirlwind tour of Melbourne.

On arriving in Melbourne, their first stop (very early in the morning) was the Queen Victoria Market in the centre of Melbourne. The Stanleys had a marvellous time wandering the aisles of fresh fruit and vegetables and visiting the meat and fish section of the market. The market is always very busy, but because the Stanleys were there very early they were able to have a good look around before the market became too crowded.
**more later**


  1. This place looks like it's huge! Parking must be awful, though.

  2. Yes, parking is definitely a challenge! The earlier you get there the better! xx

  3. I love Melbourne..The queen victoria market is great.. the fresh food section is just wonderful..

    *note to self* start saving for a holiday..

    cheers kim


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