18 April 2008

Playing Cricket!

In the photos the Stanleys are practising batting with Jack (they thought they’d get the best shot at the ball from holding onto Jack’s t-shirt), and they are being the wicket keepers in the others.

I’ve also added the photos of the MCG again so that you can tell it apart from Rod Laver Arena (the photos we sent earlier this week).
Link on the MCG:


  1. I'm so sorry, but I didn't realize I was "missing" photos. I have no mail in my spam box either. I hope you still have the pics, Elissa!

  2. Did you know the MCG is Named after me??? Really & Truly
    Tony McG...k

  3. P.S. Ireally like your Blog & have added you to my Blogroll

  4. Looks like the photos are getting to you now! Phew! xx


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