25 April 2008

Going for a Walk With Everyone.

We went on a walk recently and brought the entire family. You wouldn't think it would be a big ordeal, but it was. This was only our second outing as an entire family. It takes twice as much organization and planning with six children than it did with four. There are just more things to plan around, especially since the two youngest ones are so small and are constantly eating, pooping or napping. They're pretty special people, though. Can you tell baby J has just given S a kiss and is looking for "yayyy?" S has just learned to tolerate this constant kissing and poking.

Time to get little jackets and socks for babies. We had to bring extra cheerios and another blanket "just in case." We had to bring a cell phone and our keys. And D brought his camera and took all these lovely photos.

It was sunny outside, but still cool. We walked about a mile and a half around the area where we live. We didn't see many other people outside, however. Only a few joggers and dog-walkers were about. The trees and grasses are starting to wake up and turn green and things are beginning to bloom.

We had a very nice time once we were out! This is something we will have to try again soon.


  1. SO what happened to Tuesday Tea?
    I am getting ready to start schedules for our new curriculumn and I want to start it. Only it looks like it will work best on Monday and Monday Tea doesn't sound good at all.:0(
    I know I only have 5, but I can so emphathize with going on the walk thing. We can't even ride bikes, becuase the 5 yo can't ride yet and 2 bike seats are doable.

  2. Mrs. Z, we usually do cook or do something in the kitchen on Tuesdays. I haven't posted it lately, though. Last time we tried to make the salt crystals, the week before that we made pumpkin playdoh. But most other weeks it's been pizza, pizza pizza! :] I'm thinking only so many times people want to see that.

    My bloggy friend Lori did an actual tea-time and she'd read. Most of the time we make something and read, but lately not because the "thing" we were making didn't lend itself to reading.

    You could always do Monday stuff and post it on Tuesdays ;]

  3. Good for you! I can't even be bothered to drag myself out for a walk, let alone all those other people!! Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. J has got to stop growing. He looks so much older with that hair cut. I can't believe how big he's gotten. As always, S looks so adorable. I'm glad that you were able to get out.

    Aunt B


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