20 April 2008

Holy Sabbath Soda

Well, a couple weeks back, Elf won a drawing for some snacks from church. He came home with some popcorn, some soda and brownies. To be eligible, you need to remember an offering, remember your Bible verse, and behave yourself. Patrick doesn't like the idea because he thinks it's just like gambling. Well... I don't think the church leadership means it that way. I talked to him about things we make a big deal about and things we just let go. OK, he's not going to make a big deal about his moral convictions... but he's going to find sneaky ways to kind of let you know what's on his mind. Sigh.


  1. PS. FYI I don't have a "problem" with this drawing, although I do see Patrick's point and I think he will wind up to be very conservative, if this is how he is when he is a *teenager.*

    Elf was very excited to win. I think as long as each child has a genuine shot at the stuff and "stuff" isn't overemphasized it is not a problem.

    One thing that made me sad was that when Emperor won a few months back, he felt proud that he was helping his family eat that day. Kiddo, we're not *that* poor that we need to send our kids to church to try to win the popcorn and soda that week LOL!!

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  3. Wow Patrick reminds me of my hubby. From stories I have heard this is something he would do and he has problems with the same issues. I dont see a problem with it either although I do see his point. they do this at our church also.

    PS. I tagged you on my blog.

  4. Our church gives little stuff like this as bribes too. Im pretty much fine with it.


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