15 April 2008

More Aussie Stuff, Mate!

We made some ANZAC cookies. These have very few ingredients and are easy to make. They are also heavy and don't crumble, so they shipped well during WWI. I had the boys colour their own boomerang in "Aborigine" style, label their own map of Australia, and make an Australian flag. The only thing left on our "must do" list is to try some Vegemite. We've been to Wal-Mart and our local grocery. They don't have it. I finally found someone who knew what I was talking about. He rumpled up his entire face and said that I don't REALLY want to feed that to my children... the only people that can eat that stuff and live are... (sotto voce) Australians. Well, he did some research and found our local amusement park DOES sell small cups of the stuff, but you have to go to the "Australia" section of the park. But I'd better buy about six sodas to wash it down with. He wouldn't do that to HIS kid.


  1. Hi, I found this site through Kim at Frog Ponds Rock. I am also from Australia, so if there's anything you'd like to know, ask away. I also do international postage...

    Personally, my family and I LOVE Vegemite, but I have a feeling that if you are not exposed to it from birth, it may be a more 'acquired'taste! Tip: A little bit goes a looooooooong way!

  2. If you can hold out for a bit, the Flat Stanley's will bring some home with them!!

  3. Dont worry about the vegemite.. I will send you some if you like.. I have some sample packs.. Now be warned Vegemite is very salty and it is an acquired taste.. if you find some only spread it VERY VERY thinly on your bread.
    Not thickly like peanut butter at all..

    mmm *goes off to have a vegemite and cheese sandwich.

    cheers kim xxx

  4. I've thought about it. OK, Kim, if you could send me a couple samples that would be GREAT! Because I've tried Vegemite before. I can almost guarantee we wouldn't need a whole jar LOL!

    And yeah, when I tried it, I had a big spoonful of it and I'm lucky to tell the tale today.

  5. Hi Mrs C,
    I came across your Blog via Frog Ponds Rock. I live in Tasmania & it's great to see the Flat Stanleys having a holiday down here. Enjoyed reading about their adventures & the great pics.
    Keep up the good work
    Regards Tony

  6. do you know the boomerang song? "my boomerang won't come back, my boomerang won't come back! i waved it around all over the place, practised 'til I was black in the face, i'm a big disgrace to the aboriginy race, my boomerang won't come back!"

  7. No, I don't know that one! I'll have to search YouTube for it sometime LOL!


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