14 April 2008

More Pics of Taz

Here is the Tasmanian Devil. These little carnivores used to be very common and at night you could hear them fighting and growling in the bush. (Aussies call the forest, "the bush.")


  1. Emperor was kinda freaked out by the idea of the Tazmanian Devil eating a wallaby for breakfast, another for lunch and a third for supper. (There must be LOTS of wallabies there, Kim!!)

    The little guys look like you could pick them up and scratch them behind their ears. Probably I wouldn't leave small children near 'em though.

  2. Please Tell Emperor that the Tasmanian Devil is only about the size of a small-medium dog.. Yes we do have lots and lots of wallabies in Tasmania but a Tassie Devil wouldn't eat one for every meal..

    cheers kim..

  3. they look so cute. not quite the spinning slobber thorwing picture from warner bros.

  4. our flat stanleys left this morning to make their way back. thanks for the chance to host them. Doodlebug was the saddest. She wasn't ready to send them back.

    We enjoyed it very much and it encouraged me to take them some places i had intended to go any way.


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