13 April 2008

The Stanleys Visit Bonorong Park - Pics From Kim

These are Wallabies. These Wallabies are a smaller type of Kangaroo. A- my granddaughter is 18 months old and she liked them very much. My daughter Veronica is helping the Stanleys have a closer look at a wallaby having a rest.. One of the wallabies was very interested in the Stanleys as well.


  1. Wasn't sure if I had permission to post A's name but I've seen Veronica's posted other places so I felt free with that one. Thanks for the photos!! Elf and Emperor will love these when they wake up!

  2. You are very welcome. I will send you some more photos soon.. We are taking the Stanleys to the rainforest next week. There they will see the tallest flowering trees in the world..

    cheers kim.

  3. I shall have to educate Mum. Amy is actually 19 mths. Heh.

    It was a good fun day.


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