13 April 2008

We went to bonorong park today. The lizard is a blue tongue lizard. They are not poisonous. Sorry that the koala is a bit blurry oops. The Tasmanian Devil is pictured as well. I am having a great time with the Stanleys and they are having fun.


  1. The koala looks darker than I imagined. Looks more like a panda. I thought koalas were all grey and sleepy-looking. This one looks like he's very active!

    The little devil guy looks almost cute, but I'm pretty sure I would NOT want him in my back yard.

  2. This is Elf.

    I think that the Stanleys are having a great time. I think you should have more pictures.

  3. This is Emperor.

    Do Tasmanian devils eat three times a day? Were the Flat Stanleys brave?

  4. Those stanleys are going to be the most well traveled boys in the world. That is so neat that they can go to all these places.


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