08 April 2008

*Twitch* I Can Stop Any Time...

I have *got* to stop looking at the sales for curriculum. I have to stop thinking that I can "supplement" my curriculum with stacks and stacks of books and still do a quality job. At this point, even an idea and a notebook are dangerous.

Ever go through fads like that? We are very far behind in our English lessons because we keep doing things like write research papers, letters and stories. We need to do worksheets soon, or we will be working on this second grade stuff two years from now. I don't need more stuff to do!!

And math. I don't need more *stuff* for math!! What's up with math?? We're stuck in one chapter eternally, I'm thinking.

These kids know their addition and subtraction facts. But if I have $12.97 to spend, how many dollars will I hand the cashier? NO, it isn't 12!! Arrrgh. If you're the cashier, and someone handed you $13, how much would you get back WITHOUT doing the math on paper? NO, it isn't $1.03!! Arrrgh. You will never be allowed to work at Target if you guys keep this up.

We do problems like this constantly.

Oh, here's another one! Social studies. The Stanleys have just arrived in Victoria, Australia, and I read to the boys about Captain Cook's eighteenth-century adventures. What does "eighteenth-century" mean? NO, it isn't the 1800's. Arrrgh.

I keep explaining it, and it just isn't sticking yet. I tried asking them which century they're living in. One said we're in the *28th* century AD because we have that 2 and 8, and the other said, no, it's the THIRD! Because we have the 2 at the beginning but we're not at the 3 yet!



  1. I can relate. I havent bought curriculum for months now because of the same sort of thing.

    Last week it felt good to pull the last page out of the math book. We immmediately started another one. We will finis history and reading and Letters and sounds by the end of the year. That makes me happy.

  2. Boy I can so relate. I am sure that somewhere inside their brains the answers are rattling around in there, but I will be darned if I can get that answer out at the right time.

  3. We're going to try and get to Captain Cook's cottage in Melbourne this weekend... that probably won't help much though?? :-(


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