10 May 2008

Ah! The Perfect Gift for Mom!

"You can show your appreciation for your mother's love and devotion by making a gift in honor or in memory of her to Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington. Mother's Day is one day we can honor the women who have shaped our lives. … Making a gift to PPMW helps generations of women, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, nieces, and daughters…"

That's right, folks! Honour your mother by donating to Planned Parenthood! Help other people get abortions and make the world a better place!



  1. Gee whiz, nothing says "I love you" like ensuring more babies will get killed!

  2. Now that is the gift to give the woman who has everything.

  3. No Way! You scared me for a minute! I started reading, and didn't see the quote right away!

    All I have to say is - gag,choke,barf,gag again,barfsomemore.


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