09 May 2008

J is Unhappy.

J is unhappy, I think because we took an empty pop bottle away. He has a large collection of these. He is attached to them. Usually they have to be Diet Pepsi bottles, but he has been known to carry water bottles as well. He just doesn't get as enamoured of those. I *tried* to turn his obsession with these bottles into some sort of educational experience by washing some and filling them with rice. But they get shaken and loved so much that the rice DOES eventually become powder like flour. Does anyone else know of another child who has an attachment to Diet Pepsi bottles but not stuffed animals or blankets?


  1. Poor bub.... and no, I don't! He is obviously fixated on them for now.

  2. Not really. When I was in Haiti, David liked water bottles, but he was using them to hit his sister in the head. I got the impression that any solid object would have been fun.


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