16 May 2008

Going to Uncle Earl's Mining Camp

by Emperor
typed by Emperor

We learned about all kinds of rocks like granite, silver, gold. We even got our own gems. Mom took picturs of us and are gems. They're pretty. We try'd to organise them. Then we were on the tractor ready to go. We talked with frends. Then we went to the playground. Once I had to go to the bathroom. Then we play'd alittle bit more. Then we went home.


  1. Hubby said to tell you thank you for this story unless Uncle Earl is ancient or a redneck hick. lol Can you guess hubby's name? When I first met him my comment was, "Have you ever heard that Dixie Chicks song?" lol Everytime you ever hear of an Earl on TV they are always extremely old or rednecks.

  2. Well done wee man, that is a very good story.... lots of detail! I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Uncle Earl's Camp.


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