06 June 2008

Another Reason to Vote For Obama in November

By all means, teach your children morals. If you're not a Christian and don't believe sex outside marriage is wrong, I think we can agree anyway that having a baby at a young age is a tough row to hoe. I certainly have been trying to instill this idea into Patrick and G's minds. (Men have babies, too, you know.) But if you make a "mistake," children are still a blessing. Maybe you are too young to parent and might consider allowing the child to be adopted. Maybe a lot of things. But children are still a blessing. Obama's ideas are not.


  1. What DOES he want them punished with>? Or is everything a mistake and therefore doesn't require discilpline of any sort.
    I see this leading to parental rights disappearing very soon. I have no doubt he would side with the UN on the rights of the child.
    I pray the Lord returns very soon.

  2. What an awful poster! And what a twisted up way of thinking, a baby is "punishment"!!!!????

    I found you via "The Autism Express" blog. I like coming across others with autistic children who homeschool. I'll be back (have to run and finish teaching my 9 year old and get the kids out in some wading pools waiting in the back yard!).

    How cool that you have some older siblings for your younger children to pal around with! I think big families are one of the best things autistic children, and it's especially great if they have both older and younger siblings!

  3. As a teen parent, I feel that it is a big hardship at first. However sometimes or most of the time, things can turn around. We have a beautiful 10 year old girl now and I wouldn't change it for the world. I married her daddy and we had two more kids together.

    I would think that Mr. Obama would consider the fact that his children aren't following the Laws of God. We teach our children that although we made these mistakes, we struggle financially because we were young and didn't understand the consequences of our actions at the time. We are now paying for those actions. So they understand to abstain. There is so much more I could say but I won't say it here because it would probably be mumbo jumbo stuff.

    Aunt B.

  4. My goodness! That is a terrible poster for sure. Children are such blessings and for Obama to say that they are a punishment?! That breaks my heart.

    I agree with your post. When it comes down to it, it is about responsibility. They want to have sex outside marriage and live as they wish with no consequences. Even if it means murdering a human being in the process. Morals and responsibility definitely need to be instilled in a child from an early age.

    By the way, I am planning on homeschooling my boys as well! :)


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