06 June 2008

Murder is Optional.


I took the image above from Catherine, who copied it from this blog. I enjoyed my brief peek at this website and thought you might like it, too. One of the posts compares the murder of the unborn with the murder of fifth-graders. As long as the mom wants it done, it should be ok, right? Quote:

Let's put it a little differently. Let's say Senator Obama believed parents should have the right to kill their fifth grade children. Fifth graders can be really annoying. They are so self-absorbed, so immature, so bothersome. Let's enact a law that allows parents to terminate the life of their fifth grader, if they so choose. No parent would be forced to kill their fifth grader, so that if you believe such killing to be wrong, then don't do it. But some moms and dads are at their wits end with regard to their fifth grader and they should be given this option.

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  1. These guys have a great blog. I don't remember how I found it but I look at it all the time now. The essays in their "Obama Rocks" series are worth reading...indeed, what's next? "Aborting" your teenagers when they get to be too much of a hassle?

    Here in Progressive Portland everyone has the "Barack the Vote" bumper stickers. So clever.


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