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Childcare in Church.

A little bit ago on Cajunchick's blog, we were talking about "Children's Church" or the issue of nursery and childcare in church. I'm wondering why this has to be developing into such a big issue among more conservative Christians. I can think of 20 really GOOD, important things to fight about, should I be so inclined today.


Last I checked, your kid is your kid. Unless you're dropping your children off with known child molesters and sex pervs, how 'bout we lay off the criticism? Um, that goes both ways. When I feel I want my kids with me in church that should be OK. When I feel I want them to enjoy Childrens' Church, that should be OK as well. It's, like, what Childrens' Church is for.

In our particular situation, this is pretty well the ONLY time our children see other kids. So if they go off for a couple hours twice a week to play with other children, I feel overall that's a good thing. I was reading on another blog where a very upset woman wrote that because God gave the family sole care and responsibility for their children, it would be ALL THEIR FAULT if the kids got molested in church childcare. And is that two hours of "free" time in church worth it?

Think about that one.

I've heard similar arguments against sending kids to public school as well. (I'd be way more concerned about the liklihood of my kids being "converted" to secular humanism than being molested, though.) I'm not saying that I wouldn't struggle mightily with guilt if one or more of my children were molested in church childcare. I sure would! But if I NEVER let my kids out of my sight until they were 18 or so, I'd be making the social handicaps they have even worse than they already have to be.

Now, that's just my opinion. You go ahead and do whatever with your own kids and I promise (within reason) not to judge you for it.


  1. I think we must have been reading the same blog. that was what upset me. I know all the workers at our church personally so I know them well enough to know they would not molest my children. How would they even find time for that when they have a class full of kids anyway?

    Ok sorry for taking over your post.

  2. Well, unfortunately it's the people you know well enough to know they wouldn't molest your children who are more likely to molest your children. That includes aunts, uncles and older cousins. YOU CAN'T hide under a rock and say it would NEVER happen, but IMO you also can't hide under a rock and protect your children to the point where they can never function and have trusting relationships.

    Just my opinion.

    You are sure not taking over my post. PLEASE feel free to take as much space as you like to comment anytime. I know I feel free to write little mini-novels on yours. In fact, when I get a little mini-novel from folks I'm just so honoured because I know these are people who not only read what I had to say, but took the time and energy to compose their thoughts to talk back to me.

    Bless ya!

  3. OH PS Please don't take my comment above to mean I think your kids are getting molested, or anything like that. Whoo. I don't want misunderstandings like that floating about. More that, people who have a child's trust are more likely to be molested by those folks (if it's even gonna happen) because they're the ones with opportunity. BTW molestation happens way more than you think but most people just don't blog about it the way they blog about how they'd NEVER leave their kids with anyone b/c they're so above that.


    Ok, I'm gonna quit now. I'm not all for dumping your kid in childcare 24/7 but sheltering them 24/7 isn't practical either. Sigh.


    It's not a bad word, everyone.

  4. lol I did not take it to mean that at all. I was molested as a child by a cousin so I totally understand what you are saying. All I will say is the field I am working in makes the doubt a little easier because background checks are a click away. lol I am definitely not one to shelter my kids anyway. I even let them play outside by themselves. GASP!!!


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