27 June 2008

Package From New Zealand!

Everyone dove in on the goodies. I also got a kiwi tea towel and a wooden NZ magnet. Elf and Emperor ran away happily with a book and some "bugs" before I snapped this picture. We got postcards, a keychain, a puzzle, some books, little notebooks and bookmarks, candies and a baby bumblebee for the little ones. Thanks to the H family! It's strange timing indeed because I've been thinking of Chris all afternoon. She's had a routine surgery that went bad and is currently in the ICU. Chris and family, all our prayers are with you and your precious family today.


  1. Were those pineapple lumps in the background?
    The Buzzy Bee is an iconic 'kiwiana' toy most of us have - one was given to Diana and Charles first-born too.

    Enjoy NZ!
    Jo, home educating in Hamilton, NZ

  2. Yup, chocolate-covered pineapple! I didn't know that the Buzzy Bee was an iconic toy, but it sure is cute!! J loves the little Buzzy Bee, but we keep having to take it away when he chews on the antennae. He refuses to pull the string but wants to hold and nibble on it LOL!

    We've broken into the Cadbury Crunchies tonight and done our New Zealand puzzle already!

    Thanks for commenting, Jo!

  3. Oh wow poor thing. I will be praying for her.

    I posted this on my blog in the comments in response to your comment about my post on compassion. I do not if you read those so I figured I would post it here.

    lol Mrs. C. I love the way you word things. I do not have a problem with the way you go about doing your post because you simply state this is my opinion and here is the information. the post I have a problem with are the ones that just attack and then expect others not to retaliate.

    PS if you want I can share the offending link with you.

  4. I think my sister would really love it if I sent a package to where she is in South Africa. I feel so bad. I just need to take the time to do it! It cost a lot to ship but the kids would just love a gift all the way from America. :D

  5. What kid doesn't like getting stuff in the mail? How fun!

    Did you keep the stamps? I think foreign stamps are neat. :)

    Hope you are feeling better.

  6. I am so glad you got the parcel.... bummer about J chewing the buzzy bee antennae... I had hoped he would pull it around and drive you nuts with the noise!!! lol


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