14 July 2008

All About G's Vacation

G is seen here unloading some groceries at his grandparents' house. D dropped G off there in the care of his sister, who then loaded him up for another trek to her house in the country. Since then, G has been fishing. He's been picking blackberries. He's been swimming. He's been camping. He's been riding "four-wheelers." He's seen his long-lost friend M. He's done everything he ever wanted to do over the last six years. Ahhh... He misses his "comfy blanket and pillow" though. Well, he needs something to look forward to returning to. It isn't like "exciting family life" is at the top of the list, once you get to pick blackberries, ride four-wheelers and hang out with friends all day.


  1. Awww what fun for G...now isn't it time Patrick got sent somewhere like that??? Poor boy... I wish he could come here, I'd show him a mountain! Nah, I'd take him on top of one!

  2. LOL Sweeet! Patrick actually didn't want to go because his aunt and uncle make him do manual labour to earn his keep. G is pretty easy about THAT but not the homework. Other way 'round for Patrick LOL! He actually just got done tutoring for the summer and did a very good job.

  3. I'm glad he's having fun though. I agree with Chris. I could take him hiking on a mountain.


  4. I was going to write a long and thoughtful comment. but when I saw the very long Word verification word I had to type in for this comment I got the giggles and lost my comment..

    ....eakyxpay... was the word heheheh It reminded me of the "pig latin" that we used to gabble when I was a child

    cheers kim


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