05 July 2008

The Family

Well, except for D. We had pics taken for the church directory, and he doesn't attend. Don't let the halo over G's head fool ya, though. That's just the flash.


  1. What a FANTASTIC photo..... they are all beautiful children... as is their Mummy. HUGS

  2. Super pic! I think its definetly a halo!!

  3. What a beautiful photo! Look at those smiles. LOL at hubby for not attending church- how does he get away with that?? It's a shame that he's missing though, you'll have to have a whole-family shot done at the local photographer.

  4. cute...and matching! Sounds like my hubby's family. The girls had matching shirts (exactly the same) and so did the boys (except the baby).

    Our family pix didn't include dad for the church either. Still depresses me...


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