05 July 2008

Introducing... Elf and Emperor's Blogs!

Elf and Emperor have each set up their own blog for occasional homeschool assignments and thoughts. They'll probably want to post all the time, but in reality, I'd look for a new post about once a week. If you forget the "address" of these websites, you can always find them through my profile.



G and Patrick might want to set up their own website sometime, but I am still overprotective (even at this age!) about the internet with them. You would see their sites through my profile as well. My children are good kids, but not very internet- and worldly-savvy. We were discussing appropriate website names that wouldn't interest the wrong crowd and Patrick SERIOUSLY thought that "Teenage Explorations" would be a nice, benign title that wouldn't convey the wrong idea.

This is why I'm monitoring everything these kids do and say online LOL! If you stop by, please leave them a friendly comment. They would be delighted, though they might not be able to visit you back as etiquette demands. Thanks!


  1. Too cute. I think baby girl should have a blog too!

  2. LOL, I certainly don't recommend my blog for young readers. Although that doesn't stop Mollie!! I'm off to check them out right now.

  3. Oh, I just read their blogs. They are too adorable!! I have left comments on both. What did we do before we had the internet??


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