03 July 2008

Meet the Bats!

Elf drew this picture of a bat home from the bat's perspective. Someone is coming into the cave with a flashlight. Elf and Emperor's very favourite study in our bat unit was about vampire bats. Do you know they smell so well they pick out the same animal to feed from, night after night? If they are disturbed while feeding on their prey (horse, cow, sheep, even people!), they will wait quietly nearby until the animal calms down. Then they'll sneak up again to feed. They urinate WHILE they eat - yum! They live in colonies in places where it is warm.


  1. ewwwwwwww .... I don't want bats to pee on me ... or suck my blood.

    -- Elf Fan

  2. I've just learned more than I ever wanted to know about bats. That's an awesome picture, though. I had to draw a picture from a fishy perspective once, and I COULD NOT DO IT. I ended up drawing a bowl with a fish swimming in it. My teacher was unimpressed. So I'm doubly impressed with Elf's effort. Top marks, Mate! Oh, Happy 4th July!


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