23 July 2008

Was it Worth the Cost?

Six million dollars. The privacy of 10,000 children. All in order to net TWO (2) steroid users in high school sports. But you see, the folks in Texas are really glad to spend the money because by doing so, they helped all the children who *would've* done the steroids if the program weren't in place. Article.

I think this is so successful that maybe next we need to institute a house-searching policy, nationwide. The cops can come by anytime and check that you're not abusing your kids, that you have no illicit drugs and while they're at it, they'll make sure your refridgerateds are fresh enough to be safely consumed. Just think of all the salmonella cases we'll prevent each year just by having the police check the "best by" dates in your fridge alone! Not to mention all the illegal drugs they can confiscate and resell - OH, I mean... prevent from getting into the hands of children.

I guess what I'm trying to get around to saying is that stuff like this ruins the fun for everyone. Most people in high school sports enjoy playing for the fun of it. I know Patrick enjoys Chess Club immensely (he tells me that's a sport, so OK, that's his sport). I don't know that it would be so fun if some sadistic nurse with a syringe were waiting for him on the sidelines before his next tournament. BUT if no one takes his blood, how will you know that he's not taking a drug to help his game? Um, I guess you don't. You'd get a little suspicious if the kid grew to be ten feet tall and looked like the Incredible Hulk. I also hear tell that in private, the fellows themselves would see the effects of said drugs because your weenie shrivels up like a raisin. I don't know if that is true (so don't ask!!), but Patrick tells me that's what they teach in health class. Then again, I've seen all kinds of fanciful movies in "health class" as a teen, so I don't know if I'm buying it.


  1. Steroids at the Chess Club? I think we have a sit-com episode on our hands.

  2. I heard about that on the radio today. Hopefully this is representative of the actual amount of steroid-users in TX high schools...

    but I'm sure that there were some schools where the coaches are involved in the steroid use, and they warned their athletes about it ahead of time so that they could get clean before the tests were taken...or something along those lines.


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