04 August 2008

I Can't Wait to Place My Order!

I can get Viagra for a dollar and rolex watches and "mroe" sent to my house! D says he gets lots of the same sorts of e-mails even at WORK. The strange thing is, he never got them before he went to a certain conference for his job and had to give an email address. Well, you didn't think he was going to give his HOME address, did ya? Nope. So I'm sure someone is out there selling e-mail addresses.

Now, of course I'm not stupid enough to order stuff from some random e-mail even if I *did* need bunches of Viagra, rolex watches (note no capital letter) and "mroe" sent to my house by FedEx. But I'm still not a very business savvy person. I don't understand when markets go up, where that money "comes from," and when they go down, where the money "goes." See, we have some $50 invested somewhere and then when we got our statement from the investment firm we had only like $6 left. SO SOMEONE HAS MY MONEY. D says not. But it went SOMEWHERE.

It just seems unnatural and for money to grow and shrink like that. No one has explained it to me in a way I can understand. I took economics in college, too, and could draw you a graph all about it. But that doesn't mean it "feels" correct. If I were a betting person, I would bet you that money didn't grow and shrink in the Garden of Eden and people didn't lose gobs of money into thin air. Just betya they didn't. :[

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