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A Message to White Folks.

Dr. Manning states that white people's reluctance to speak the truth is harmful to the African-American community and harmful to our nation. We shouldn't have to walk on eggshells around black folks because it hampers the possibility of true friendship. He has a number of other interesting videos on You Tube about the Obama campaign and other issues, but I picked this one to share with you today. Often I find when I say something about race, affirmative action or the plain old stupidity of someone who is darker than myself, I get flamed for being racist. Which of course, I must be, because I learned in college that black people CANNOT be racists because they are victims, and what looks like racism must be an adaptation to a hostile world full of oppressors. Which might have been true 60 years ago, but whatever. The strange thing is, the real racists are not even *trying* to be polite, and I think that's the difference. Really. I can say something stupid and full of errors, and so can you. Someone lovingly pointing out the errors makes for a better dialogue. Calling someone a racist pig and don't you see how slavery has affected the black community... doesn't. Then people stop talking candidly and the errors persist. In my opinion, knowing many, many intentional racists myself, I have to say in the long run continuing to label people and show preferences to them according to their race only reinforces negative stereotypes and feelings of disenfranchisement on BOTH sides of the colour line. Hey, and maybe Asians, too, who knows? Remember that God started us out as male and female, not black and white and red. We are all of us children of the same original parents, and even though I don't "get" how people wound up with different colours, I know this to be true. May the Lord bless you and keep you today. :]


  1. Again, good job Mrs. C. I am glad you are not afraid to talk about the absurdity of race issues today. Many white Americans are deathly afraid to even touch it for fear of being "intolerant".

    This man in the video is exactly right and I'm thinking he's not going to make a whole lot of friends in the black community because of his views. Sadly this nasty attitude of "I can do no wrong because nothing is my fault, racism etc..." is far too common and it's so idiotic how white people are afraid to call it what it is.

    If I get called a "stupid white b*tch" it's just a black person's charming way of relating to the world? If a black person high out of their mind on drugs tries to run over a cop and gets shot for protection sake in the process it's racist?

    I am delighted to see that there are some really sane voices in the black community.

  2. See, this is what I meant when I said,

    When I look at statistics like those brought out in the article…that this young man is poor, black and from a single parent houesehold, and that these factors are frequently identified by high expulsion rates…I don’t see inferior blacks, nor an inherently racist system.

    What I see is the same thing I saw teaching in Texas: parents afraid to stand up to the system, not even entirely sure that they could, and lacking the knowledge of where to go, who to talk to and what to say.

    in reference to the article I talked about the other day.

    There are significant issues affecting black communities, including high crime rates, absentee fathers, teen pregnancy, high drop out rates, drug use, etc. And I think we need to be honest about these issues, and not be afraid to "label" these children as black.

  3. Yay, Dana, you have me thinking, which is always a good thing and we all need to do more of it. I'll have to post some thoughts soon. :]

  4. Holy me....I love this guy!
    God Bless,

  5. I love that this guy gets it and the message isn't coming from a white guy!

    Also, I hate that people think you're racist for not wanting to vote for Obama. I'm perfectly fine with having a black president - just not him!

  6. Blacks can't be racist? How ridiculous! I know plenty. many in my own family, sad to say. Fear of speaking the truth is killing the black community which is why I refuse to hold my tongue, or my pen, as it relates to my blog.


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