27 August 2008

Muslims = Cheaters?

Eileen posts from an Islamic country somewhere overseas and has been my blog friend for some time. She did this post for me because I heard about a philosophy that it's "ok" to cheat a non-Muslim. I think it's an enlightening read and you might want to visit and say hi. A short quote from her post:

"What this is all about is that the person in question (doing the cheating) is already WANTING to cheat, is a dishonest person. He is looking for an excuse. This isn’t about religion; it’s about who’s in the IN group, and who’s in the OUT group. The person is essentially looking for a reason to rip someone off, and is rationalizing it by saying to himself, 'This person is not one of us, so it’s OK.'

...Islam does NOT say it is OK to lie; but SOME Muslims have the idea that saying your prayers washes out all your sins (kind of like “confession” in Catholicism). We had a maid who used to pilfer constantly, yet she was always praying! My fifteen-year-old Muslim daughter pointed out to me, 'Mom, if she wants it, she takes it. That’s all. She just thinks that if she prays, it takes away all her sins!'"

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  1. I know more than a few Christians who cheapen God's grace in much the same way. They use 1 john 1:9 as a catch-all verse that excuses every sin by asking for forgiveness. What you describe here is hardly unique to Muslims!~)


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