25 August 2008


I'm guessing no one else in America had this as an educational goal, but Elf and Emperor have finally, after nearly two years of practice, learned to crack eggs without getting chunks of shell into the bowl. The egg no longer goes slimy-flying across the room, either.

Today I am celebrating this fact by having the boys make a double batch of brownies and doing the messy eggs themselves. I will help only by throwing whatever it is they make into the oven. Wish them the best!


  1. I still struggle with the egg shell thing. ...so they've got a leg up on me [smile].


  2. Same here, they can teach me how to do it.

  3. The trick is to push down with your thumbs where you've already cracked the egg. GENTLY.


  4. PS They made a HUGE mess in the kitchen, but the brownies turned out well. I just got the "stuff they need" out and left until it was time to put into the oven.

  5. Luck.

    Can we have photos of the results please?

  6. LOL it's all eaten, sorry. But they just looked like REGULAR brownies. Is someone hungry this morning? ;]


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